Queen City Delights

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A Quick Message from Queen City


We are the Premier Online Adult Studio. Representing some of the Biggest Names in the Adult industry

We know what it takes to make you a success!
Years working in the Adult industry has taught us all the tricks of the trade. With the best training in the Adult Industry our models have a success rate over 400% of the industry average. So you don't have to worry about learning on the fly or trial and error. At Queen City we provide you all the training and support you need to be a star!

On average an amateur Model working just 30 hours a week will make over $100,000 their first year with us!!!

$100,000+++ a Year

If there is ever anything you need to know our staff is available to our models 24 hours a day and is always ready to help out. Each of our models also receives a copy of our copyrighted “Sweet Success Guide” which details exactly how to become a success and produce those six figure results that you are looking for. We also have a training center designed to help you learn just how to make everyday a great pay day. So there is no guess work with us. Just follow our advice and become a success.

Queen City Delights Studios has one of the most trafficked site in all the internet. In 2013 we had an average of 466 million unique hits on our site daily. With so many potential customers you will never hurt for business.  

If you've made it to this webpage you can be a star!! All you need is a computer that works, internet connection and an inexpensive webcam. Super simple step by step instructions provided so you can focus on making money.

We are the Best because we provide one on one training and years of know how in addition to Millions of customers online everyday. All training is provided free of charge, 24/7 Support free!

Pleas Review the information on this site and Contact us if you have and questions at all.

If you are ready to begin a wonderful career in Modeling just click below
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UK Offices 44 (020) 8133-2158